Husband: Gaspard Ulliel
Number of children
: 7 @.@
: Hawaii
: Audrey Tautou
: Roman Duris
I’m complexed because
I can’t have an orgasm
An then I would
renew my vows because I had dreamed about it.

I just didn’t understand that being married to Gaspard Ulliel and not having an orgasm part.

PS: By looking through the reblogs I realized that lots of people actually don’t know how to play the game. Don’t worry, I’ll explain. So, you’re suppose to click on the gif and, still with your finger on the mouse, drag the image. You’ll see that you’ll have dragged a frame from the gif, the image you get is what you get, see? For example, I go to the first gif, click and then drag and get Louis Garrel’s pic, this means he’s going to be my ‘husband’ on the game. You’re not supposed to choose lol And when reblogging, please put what you guys got ‘cause I’m super curious. That’d be all ;)

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    Married to: Marion Cotilliard Number of children: none Rome Audrey Tautou Lea Seydoux Complexed because: I don’t who my...
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    Husband/Wife: Melanie Laurent Number of Children: None Ireland Roman Duris Guillaume Canet You’re complexed because: You...
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    I would be married to Lea Seydoux with no children, honeymoon in Madrid, have an affair with Gaspard Ulliel, confide in...
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    Complex ‘Cause: You’re still in love with your first love....found out that your lover is...
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