Léa Seydoux (X)

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Up and Comers | Léa Seydoux Frontrunner to Play Bond Girl in 'Bond 24'

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Léa Seydoux by Eric Guillemain for Numero Tokyo


Léa Seydoux by Eric Guillemain for Numero Tokyo

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Léa seydoux / Anna Rivka Présentation Éveil 2013 (x)

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J’ai créé un monstre et maintenant, je dois vivre avec (x)

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Ok, this is random, but I never thought I’d live to see Gaspard Ulliel and Louis Garrel making out. (x) I ship this. Gasparrel <3

God bless French cinema.

And here’s a Léa gif ‘cause this is still a Léa Seydoux blog after all.

Take over the world French queen

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Léa Seydoux (role of Loulou de la Falaise) / Saint Laurent (2014)

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Favorite Costumes: Belle`s outfits (La belle et la bête)

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Léa Seydoux / Le Jean De campaign (2008) Shot by Ryan McGinley

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